99 Things – #41 The Fiancé’s Perspective


Fall. The best time of the year for football fans. For me though, it means goodbye to weekends with my fiancé. Sure, I enjoy the tailgates and staring at the green field trying to find the ball (those fakes always get me! Ugh!) but would I rather be doing plenty of other things, yes. 

I am a proud season ticket holder. I mean, we*. As a soon to be married couple, what’s his is mine, and what’s mine is his, right? That means we share football season tickets and lots of loan debt. The question though is.. which game do I choose to go too? There’s the ones I like-when it’s warm. But do I want to see Ohio State be winning 40-0 by the half? I barely watch the game when it’s close, you think I’m going to pay attention to that one? Then there’s a good games, or as I call them, the cold games. And as much as I’d love to see a good game, I’m not one to enjoy freezing my ass off for 4 hours when I could be snuggling up on my couch watching it on the television (and actually get to see the ball)

As a 2017 and 2021 Ohio state alum (yep, 8 years at THE Ohio State University- lucky me. Not lucky student loans debt), I consider myself a solid football fan. I went to all the games in undergrad (not so much in pharmacy school because I had negative minutes in a day). I know all the player and positions. There’s the Zeke position, the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  position, the JT (my fav of the 2015 QBS) position, and the tight end (don’t know what they do, just like the name). 

But who am I kidding.. football fall is no different from spring baseball, basketball. Golf. Hang in there gals. enjoy the nachos, dippin dots, and overpriced alcohol at your alma mater. Find yourself a good book to cuddle up with and read on Sundays and then wake up for the witch hour when the games get good. 

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