99 Things – #73 Jim Harbaugh


Yes, I am aware an Ohio State fan said they are excited about Jim Harbaugh for this upcoming season. Today is number 73 in our series called 99 Things. This is a series where every day I pick a topic, player, team or something college football related and explain why I am excited about it this season. Harbaugh may be the coach of Michigan but I have found to respect him more in the past few years. His antics still confuse me and they will be a few of the items we talk about today.

Does everyone remember when Harbaugh had a sleep over with a high school kicker? This is still the most bizarre recruiting story in recent memory. Quinn Nordin was committed to Penn State but flipped his commitment to Michigan after Harbaugh stayed over at his house. I am also not sure how the NCAA allows this for at-home visits. The visit apparently does not end until you leave the house. Nordin would go on to have a solid career with Michigan converting on 72.4% of his kicks and scoring a total of 245 points.

One of my other favorite past times is bringing up the picture of Harbaugh at a camp where he is shirtless while wearing khakis. The image needs to be marked NSFW. This happened in the summer of 2015 at a camp in Alabama. Harbaugh said he “was like a pig in slop.” Harbaugh’s players loved it because it showed his intensity. This does not mean it was not weird. Jim, please keep your shirt on this summer. No one needs to see that.

I think the Ohio State and Michigan rivalry needed a jolt of energy. I do not believe Harbaugh ever felt like it was another game but he did not seem to embrace the hatred again until last season. Before the season began he said he “would beat Ohio State or die trying”. Previous years he had only made comments about improving and needing to beat the best. Harbaugh also added a little spice to the rivalry after beating Ohio State. One of the comments Harbaugh made was about Ryan Day being born on third. Michigan fans love bringing this comment up on social media and throwing it at Ohio State fans.

As an Ohio State fan, I root against Michigan at any possible chance but it is important for me that Michigan have a good record. The rivalry game means so much more when Michigan is a top 10 opponent. The games are memorable. Of course I remember the Rich Rodriguez years but Ohio State walked over Michigan as if they played in the MAC. The 2006 game might be my favorite game I have ever watched. Ohio State and Michigan were number one and number two respectfully. The Buckeyes pulled out the victory by a score of 42-39 leading to a National Title appearance. Ruining the hopes and dreams of my arch rival is better than kicking then while their down. What do you say Jim, are you ready to have your dreams crushed this season?


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