99 Things – #78 Mike Norvell’s Cornrows


One of the funniest pictures in college football is the image of Mike Norvell in college. Norvell had cornrows during his playing days at Central Arkansas. The announcers always find a reason to put this picture on the screen during each Florida State game. Seminole fans must get tired of seeing it during every broadcast but as a neutral fan I enjoy the anticipation waiting to see it. Social media always manages to pull the picture up when his name is mentioned in the news.

Norvell was actually an excellent wide receiver at Central Arkansas. He set the school’s all-time reception record recording 213 catches in his college career. He also totaled 2,611 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns. Norvell did not get a chance at the NFL and decided to become a graduate assistant at Central Arkansas starting his coaching career. He would continue his coaching career with stops at Tulsa, Pitt, Arizona State and Memphis before arriving in Tallahassee to coach Florida State.

It is unclear when he decided to cut off the cornrows and keep his hair short. Personally, I wish he had kept the cornrows and the mustache. How would a parent be able to say no to Norvell when he does an at home visit with a star studded appearance? Maybe Travis Hunter would have stayed committed if the facial hair stayed (too soon?). Norvell’s facial hair looked like a 17 year old trying to grow his first beard and has been letting it grow for 3 months. Back when I was 19 I tried to grow a beard but only the hair on my chin grew. I looked like I was rocking a soul patch for the summer. Best summer of my life. No I will not be sharing any pictures from that summer.

Riff Raff aka Mike Norvell is on the hot seat entering his third season at the Florida State head coach. Norvell is 8-13 in his first two seasons and will need to make a bowl game to take the pressure off of him. The schedule is doing him no favors as the Seminoles have non-conference games against LSU, Florida, Louisiana and Duquesne. He will also face Clemson, Wake Forest, NC State and Miami. Florida State will likely struggle to make a bowl game but how many games does Norvell need to win in order to return for the 2023 season? If Florida State can be competitive in most games and win at least five games I believe we will see him return. Maybe if he is retained we will see the return of the cornrows.


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