99 Things – #84 Watching College Gameday


Most fans have a routine when it comes to gameday for their favorite team. Mine has always been watching College Gameday while I drink my coffee and eat my breakfast. This routine started shortly after I discovered college football. Watching College Gameday has always helped build my excitement for the slate of football games. The show has evolved and provided different vantage points and new point of views for coaches, players and teams.

Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso have been legends in my eye since I was a kid. Knowing Herbstreit was a Buckeye resulted in me paying more attention to his analysis. Herbstreit has been a staple on the show and been crucial to the show’s success. He has become synonymous with premier college football. Corso’s head gear has been the highlight of the entire show. He has selected over 300 head gear over the history of the show. Fans likely only have a few more years before Corso officially steps away from television so make sure to enjoy it while you can.

When I first discovered college football I was hooked. At 12 years old I would be watching a full slate of college football until I fell asleep that night. I later discovered College Gameday and was hooked by the song at the beginning of every show. Comin’ To Your City was the reason I set an alarm to make sure I was in front of a television when it started. Games which included Ohio State had me glued to my couch. I needed to hear every aspect of the game and get all the information on who the experts thought would win. After watching a few episodes I knew I had to attend College Gameday live and in person.

I will never forget the first time I attended College Gameday. My dad took me to College Gameday in Columbus back in 2005. Ohio State took on Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns. I managed to make it to the first row and be right behind the stage. The experience was part of a memory I will keep the rest of my life. The only way it would have been better is if Ohio State held on to beat Texas. This was also the first Ohio State game I attended where the Buckeyes lost.

I rarely wake up incredibly early to attend College Gameday anymore but I do keep an eye on the clock to make sure it is on my television when it starts. The tradition of breakfast and coffee will continue for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately the acquisition of season tickets for Ohio State games might cut into my ability to watch the full broadcast consistently but it’s hard to turn down free food at a tailgate.


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