ACC Early Signing Day Review – NC State


Early Signing Day (ESD) has come and gone and now it’s time to analyze it and dream of our rosters for next year. This series we’ll look into each team in the ACC (and Notre Dame) and go over who signed (scholarship signees only) and what my humble opinion is on each respective team’s ESD class. The order in which I will go over each team is determined by their rank in the standings after the ACC championship.

This article will focus on the North Carolina St. Wolfpack, led by Head Coach Dave Doeren

Biggest Need – Offensive Weapons

NC St. is losing a lot from the 2022 roster, especially on the offensive side of the ball – most notably the experienced Devin Leary (transfer portal to Kentucky). The Wolfpack needed to add weapons along a new QB (they had 4 QB’s play last year so they have some experience) to help ease the transition into a full time starting role. While they weren’t able to accomplish that goal in terms of quantity, the guys they did get can play. TE Javonte Vereen is built like a WR right now, but give him an offseason in the strength and conditioning program and this guy can be a stud. Kendrick Raphael looks like a stereotypical, playmaking NC St. back and WR Kevin Concepcion has the speed and athleticism to be a great slot receiver and return man.

Highlight – DB

Dave Doeren and company must want to reload the Defensive Back room as they added 4 total DB’s in this class (2 Safeties and 2 Cornerbacks). My favorite part of this group? They are all 6 foot or above. This could be a sign that NC St. is wanting to run more zone schemes defensively or they may have just found lankier DB’s that can also run man-to-man. Regardless, taller DB’s make it much harder on a QB to throw deep.

My Favorite 3 Grabs:

• Brandon Cisse – Brandon Cisse is a big-framed DB who isn’t afraid to stick his nose in the play and make a tackle, something that not many DB’s are willing to do. Add that with his athleticism and the Wolfpack may have found a diamond in the rough here out of Lakewood High in Sumter, SC.

• Rohan Davy – This guy is a human hammer. Turn on his highlight tape and watch him stonewall runners and make them want to avoid his side of the field completely. Don’t be worried about his size…he sure isn’t. I would expect to see Davy play a LB/S hybrid that has become an integral part of the game.

• Kendrick Raphael – NC St. runs the stretch zone A LOT. Kendrick Raphael’s highlights show him running the stretch zone…A LOT. Pair his ability to stick his foot in the ground and run hard north and south with his experience in NC St.’s running game and this guy could play early and often.

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