Tennessee Coaching Search Candidates

Tennessee has fired Jeremy Pruitt following an internal investigation showing he committed recruiting violations which puts the Volunteers in an interesting position searching for a new coach in mid January. I wanted to take a look at some candidates they could look at to fill the position. Since this is Tennessee, and Athletic Director PhillipContinue reading “Tennessee Coaching Search Candidates”

Way Too Early Preview: #1 Alabama

Time to kick off the top 25 previews, and we kick it off with the defending National Champions Alabama. For these previews, we will take a look at who is departing, who is returning, and major questions facing each team. Let’s jump right in! Quarterback: Mac Jones is heading to the draft after one ofContinue reading “Way Too Early Preview: #1 Alabama”

The Way Way Too Early Top 25

It’s January, does anyone actually know who will be the top 25 teams next year? No. But everyone eats this stuff up, so I’ll make my own because why not? Haters come at me. And HERE WE GO: Alabama – Yes, they lose all their coaches, Mac Jones, Najee Harris, Alex Leatherwood, DeVonta Smith, JaylenContinue reading “The Way Way Too Early Top 25”

Welcome to the Walk-On Redshirts

As many of you have been followers for quite some time, you know that this used to be a podcast. While I thoroughly enjoyed doing the podcast, you do not realize how much time would go into all the prep work, recording time, issues while recording, social media, and doing everything we desired to do.Continue reading “Welcome to the Walk-On Redshirts”