B1G Weekly Update


Marvin Harrison Jr. is simply the best player in CFB: MHJ continues to show his dominance in College Football and why he will be a top 5 pick in the upcoming NFL draft. He goes for 100 yards every week like it’s his job. I love watching this guy play on a weekly basis. 

It’s a crime JJ McCarthy is a favorite to win the Heisman: I don’t know what world Vegas is living in where JJ McCarthy is a top three option to win the Heisman right now. Don’t get me wrong, he has definitely played well and has been almost mistake free, but to reward him for putting up points on a terrible Michigan State team is just sad. When you have players like Michael Penix, Bo Nix, Jayden Daniels, and Jordan Travis all balling out this year, there’s no sane reason to have JJ McCarthy in that conversation.

Penn State has some serious issues on offense: Myself, much like every other Penn State football fan, is struggling to understand why the offense is so suddenly so bad. The last two weeks have looked terrible and I’m praying something changes for this weekend at Maryland. Allar finally threw a pick, which I think is a good thing for the long-haul of the season. He was holding onto the ball too long and not trying to be aggressive downfield because of his fear of throwing that first interception. His first throw after his pick last week was an 80 yard bomb to Lambert-Smith; so I’m hopeful we will see change this Saturday. 

Northwestern has a legitimate chance to go bowling: I talked so much shit on Northwestern to start the season. I honestly didn’t think they would have more than a single win, but just like that they are 4-4 and have a legitimate chance to go bowling, which would be one of the craziest storylines of the season if somehow, after all they went through, they can go to a bowl game. 

Matt Rhule is working in Nebraska: Nebraska is having a GOOD season so far and are currently on a 3 game win streak. It seems that what Matt Rhule is doing in Lincoln is working. I don’t think anyone thought he would come in and instantly make them a contender, but he’s doing a really good job and hopefully continues to recruit at a high level so that in a few years we will be talking about this Nebraska team as a contender every year to win the B10 West.

Don’t look now, but Minnesota is quietly 5-3: Minnesota is quietly 5-3 and 1 game back behind Iowa for the B10 West and yes I know Minnesota won a shitty game against Iowa, but they’ve put together a really solid team this year and I think it’s worth noting that they’re playing good football, despite not hearing about them on a weekly basis.

Post Week 8 Power Rankings:

  1. Ohio State 8-0
  2. Michigan 8-0
  3. Penn State 7-1
  4. Rutgers 6-2
  5. Iowa 6-2
  6. Wisconsin 5-3
  7. Maryland 5-3
  8. Nebraska 5-3
  9. Minnesota 5-3
  10. Northwestern 4-4
  11. Illinois 3-5
  12. Indiana 2-6
  13. Michigan State 2-6
  14. Purdue 2-6

Player of the Week: Marvin Harrison Jr. – If you’ve been watching CFB this year, you know how deadly Marvin Harrison Jr. has been, but when mattered most last weekend against Wisconsin, MHJ went off having 6 catches for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns against a solid Wisconsin defense – GIVE THIS MAN THE HEISMAN!

Week 8 Preview: 

Game of the week: Ohio State at Rutgers – by listing Ohio State versus Ruckers as my game of the week in the Big Ten hi by no means think that Ohio State is on upset alert but considering Ruckers is six and two and Ohio State is no this is the best game on paper and I do think the Rutgers football team is good enough to score some points and make this one closer in the first half then some I think. Outside of this game it’s not like there’s a premier Big Ten match up so I like this as my best game of the week if you want some big 10 football throw this one on at noon. 

Upset of the week: Wisconsin Vs. Indiana – Wisconsin’s coming off a brutal loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes and Indiana is coming off a great fight against Penn State. We saw what happened last week with Penn State after coming off of a loss to Ohio State, I think Wisconsin suffers the same fate and that they struggle on the road against Indiana. This Hoosiers team has a lot to be proud of after last week’s performance in Happy Valley. The Badgers are 9.5 point favorites currently, so if Indiana wins it’ll be an upset. Look for Indiana to play a close game and cover the spread.

Heisman Update: After eight weeks of college football, there’s only two real Heisman Trophy contenders in the B10. On one hand, you have the best player in college football Marvin Harrison, Jr. and then you have JJ McCarthy, who is one of the favorites currently to win. I honestly don’t think that either have a chance to win at this point, but I’m a believer that college football and the Heisman trophy voters would never vote for McCarthy ahead of Marvin Harrison Jr.

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