Brady’s Bets – Week 4: The Marathon Continues


Man, do I love college football! Week 3 was a near perfect week for football fans and was a great betting week for me after adding to my win total. Coming into the week, 8-4 on the year and picked up another 2 wins this week which puts me at 10-5 on the season. Here’s how I fared over Week 3:

  • Maryland didn’t cover -7.5 over Illinois
  • Penn State covered 4.5 over Auburn
  • Fresno State covered AND upset UCLA

Week 4 Bets:

Liberty Moneyline over Syracuse: Let’s keep it rolling with the weekday bets – I love Liberty to continue their win streak and to beat up on the Cuse. While the points might be a little risky to bet on, hammer that Liberty moneyline.

Louisville -1.5 over Florida State University: FSU might be one of the worst teams in CFB this year. Louisville QB, Malik Cunningham has been off to an insanely hot start. 1.5 points is pretty much a straight up bet. Louisville is going to make it rain on FSU this weekend.

Michigan State -4.5 over Nebraska: While I really don’t buy into the MSU hype this year, they have been VERY hot. Nebraska isn’t playing well and won’t keep it within a touchdown.

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