FBS/FCS Power Points Standings: Week 5

  • Red plus black equals #1. In FBS play, #3 Georgia destroyed #2 Arkansas 37-0 to move back into first place after a one week hiatus. In FCS play, #2 Eastern Washington scored 24 fourth quarter points and survived a last second desperation pass from #3 Montana to win 34-28 and move into first place in the FCS standings.
  • I do not care how invincible Georgia and Alabama look. Every team is beatable and both have one score wins over 3-2 teams. There is a lot of season left to play.
  • Kudos to Oklahoma State for going for the game clinching score versus settling for a field goal and a six point lead.
  • The targeting and roughing the passer penalties leveled against Oregon late in their upset loss to Stanford may be the correct calls according to the rules but those calls are terrible for the sport.
  • Penn State vs. Iowa. I cannot wait.
  • Nebraska is a scary 3-3 team. The Huskers were their own worst enemy in their three losses. Michigan is on upset alert.
  • Cincinnati is favored to run the table following their road win at Notre Dame. It looks like that may be their only ranked win by season’s end. Is that enough to become the first G5 team make the College Football Playoff? If it is, how is that win the difference between top 4 in 2021 for the Bearcats and 12th in 2017 for UCF?
  • The One Dollar Bowl turned out to be a better game than most every big game as Vanderbilt beat Connecticut on a walk-off field goal.
  • I am happy to see that the Mountain West Conference is staying together for now. Personally, I would rather College Football had 13 ten-team conferences versus 14-team and 16-team leagues.
  • For those who asked on Twitter, I do not care what Iowa’s chances are against Georgia or Alabama. If it happens, the opportunity to line up against those teams, no matter the odds of winning, is more important than irrelevant assumptions about the outcome.



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