FBS Power Points Standings: Week 17



College Football teams are assigned two non-conference games, one home and one away, based on the previous season’s Power Points Standings through regular season competition. Under my idea, teams would be divided into four team groups. Multiple teams from the same conference would not be in the same group. The exception to this rule would apply to teams at the bottom end of the standings. If FBS membership is not divisible by four, the leftovers would be added to the last four team group and create a group with five to seven teams. In each four team group, A hosts B, B hosts C, C hosts D, and D hosts A. Groups are filled by going down the standings. The first group would likely include the top four teams if all are members of different conferences. This idea is certain to create more competitive matchups based on recent success versus games being scheduled years in advance and also create unique matchups between teams that do not normally play. The chart below shows what the groups would look like based on this year’s final regular season standings. For this demonstration, #129 Massachusetts and #130 Florida International are not included.

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