Moose’s Week 11 Predictions


Way to go LSU, you ruined my perfect week. HOWEVER, I will humbly let you know, that I may have correctly guessed, nay, predicted, the exact score of the Washington USC game (go back and check). Let’s ride the hot streak into week 11. 

Last week’s results:

• 6/7 correct

• 50/77 for the year

Surprise: Clemson not only won Saturday, but they won averaging 4 yards per carry with a Notre Dame team that knew they were going to run the ball essentially every play in the second half (reminds me of the game last year…). Tyler from Spartanburg has cemented himself in Clemson lore.

Best game: Oklahoma St. won the last scheduled Bedlam rivalry. This game had comebacks, big plays, great running backs, and an exciting finish. Hats off to the Cowboys for winning this one.

Disappointment: USC’s season overall has been a disappointment, but to have arguably the best QB in college football and the number 1 scoring offense at 45.5 points per game and STILL have 3 losses is awful. USC couldn’t tackle or cover in their 42 – 52 loss to Washington.

Now to this week’s slate. 

(3) Michigan at (10) Penn St.

Michigan has a ton of smoke surrounding their program right now, but that hasn’t seemed to slow them down yet. However, this is by far the toughest team and definitely the toughest defense they’ve played all year (#3 total defense). This one is going to be ugly, low scoring, and the closest thing to a street fight that you can see in college football. This game is a coin flip and I’m going to take the home team in this one. 

Penn St. 20 Michigan 16

Georgia Tech at Clemson

Clemson is coming off their biggest win of the past two years, so naturally they run into a rivalry game against a team that, in the past, has seemed to have their number. This game is strength vs strength as Clemson comes in with the number 6 total defense and 54th total offense against Georgia Tech’s 14th total offense and 126th total defense. IF Clemson can keep from turning the ball over, I think they can win this one big…that’s a big ass if though. 

Clemson 38 Georgia Tech 21

(13) Tennessee at (14) Missouri

2 questions come to me before picking this game – 1) is Luther Burden III healthy (if not, go Vols) and 2) which Joe Milton III shows up? Tennessee has figured out something on offense with their run game and their defense has improved from last year (21st this year vs 84th last year). Pair that with Eli Drinkwitz being “concerned” about Burden’s status for the game and all signs point to the Vols. 

Tennessee 31 Missouri 23

(18) Utah at (5) Washington

This could be the game that Washington trips. The Huskiesdefense has struggled immensely since the Oregon game and the offense has seemed to hit slump (take away the USC game, that’s like playing against air). However, this game is in Washington, Washington knows what’s at stake, and Michael Penix Jr. is still suiting up. My mind is telling me to go Utah, but my loins are telling me to stick with the Huskies (I think my loins are undefeated…don’t fact check me on that). Again, this could be the game that Washington trips…but it won’t be. 

Washington 28 Utah 27

(9) Ole Miss at (2) Georgia

Everyone wants to tell you that this is the game that Georgia will lose (the ubiquitous “everyone” is whom I speak of) but let me give you (3) reasons why this is not going to happen. 1. The game is in Georgia. 2. Ole Miss has the 59th ranked total defense in the country…that does not pair well against Georgia’s number 6 total offense. 3. Because I said so (but in all seriousness see next sentence). Now I do think that Ole Miss has a chance to upset the Bulldogs, but last time the Rebels played a top tier defense (see Bama game) they lost, and the offense was only able to get 10 points. This game, in my opinion, will get ugly and Ole Miss will be exposed.

Georgia 42 Ole Miss 21

West Virginia at (17) Oklahoma

West Virginia is playing their best ball of the year right now as they are coming off of a 37-7 route of BYU. Oklahoma, on the other hand, is struggling mightily right now – the past 4 games have been as follows: Texas – OT win, Kansas, UCF OT win, Kansas loss, Oklahoma St. loss. I think this can be a close game, and as badly as I want to pick West Virginia to take this one…yeah I’m doing. TAKE ME HOOOOOOME, COUNTRY ROADS.

West Virginia 27 Oklahoma 24

USC at (6) Oregon

Yes, USC has lost 3 games. Yes, they are underachieving. Yes, their defense is ranked 120th in the country. BUT, and I’m talking Queen Fat Bottom Girls, but, they can score on any in the country. However, so can Oregon. Bo Nix and company are on a war path to the PAC12 championship and College Football Playoff and the Trojans aint stoppin’ ‘em.

Oregon 41 USC 30

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