Moose’s Week 3 Predictions


Week 3 Predictions

I know the box score says that I only got 5 out of 7 correct, but I didn’t lose two games, I just ran out of time. Last week was a wonderful week of college football with ranked matches, upsets, and more! Spoiler alert, this week is going to be a little rough like when you want to go out to eat, but your mom says you have food at home…it’s technically the same, but it tastes like burnt rubber. Alas, take heart warrior, we still have college football.

Last week’s results 

• 5/7 correct

• 14/21 for the year

o Surprise: Utah…come on now. Baylor lost to Texas St….AND GAVE UP 42 pts AT HOME. I know you won, but you’re better than that. Maybe this was a trap game? Maybe Baylor is better than their week 1 showing. But I was shocked that this game came down to the wire and had Utah win on a no-call for pass interference.

o Best game: Texas at Alabama had a lot of hype surrounding it and for just cause. Texas got revenge in a game where the Alabama offense got hot late and went toe to toe with the explosive Longhorn offense. This game was as advertised and very enjoyable.  

o Disappointment: Wisconsin not only lost but were held under the century mark rushing in a game in which they couldn’t get out of their own way – 3 total fumbles lost. The good news is that can be fixed. The bad news is you lost. 

Now to this week’s slate. 

Louisville vs Indiana *in Indianapolis, IN

This matchup doesn’t look riveting on paper, but it’s got 3 things that you’re clearly overlooking:

1. It’s an out of conference matchup that would be fun towatch if it were basketball.

2. It’s got two teams that the nation has no idea how to gage due to strange performances this year.

3. It’s a random neutral site game without (checks Google to confirm) any historic rivalry. 

What could be more fun than watching a game like this at noon on Saturday? Good luck figuring that out.

Louisville 24 Indiana 23

Minnesota at (20) UNC

This is actually my favorite matchup of the week. I know Minnesota only has one real game on their resumé, but they currently stand as the 8th ranked defense and 69th (nice) ranked offense in college football. UNC is the polar opposite as they have the 71st ranked defense (Despite their outing against SC) and the 21st ranked offense. This game will be great to see where these two teams actually stand in college football, and I couldn’t be more excited. Also, good for you UNC for playing a real,non-conference schedule. 

UNC 31 Minnesota 27

South Carolina at (1) Georgia

*DISCLAIMER I do not condone anything that is bound to happen in this game – in fact, I believe that the entire Georgia team should be arrested in advance before this game kicks off. *Now, we will get to have a somewhat better understanding of what this Georgia offense is. I know the Gamecock defense is nothing to write home about, but the Georgia offense has kind of slept walked to a 46.5 average score as the offense sputtered in the first half against Tennessee-Martin and in the first quarter against Ball St. (I know they scored a million, but it took them a while to get going…give me a break, you find the flaw in this team). I think this game gets ugly by the second quarter, but if South Carolina’s OL can manage to at least get in someone’s way, this offense could put some stress on the Bulldog defense. 

Georgia 52 South Carolina 13

(8) Washington at Michigan St.

This game makes it on the list because of the weak slate and Michael Penix Jr. Penix is an absolute stud on the football field and that Huskie offense is extremely exciting to watch. However, this is their first Power 5 matchup of the year, so it’llbe interesting to see what happens. Michigan St. came into this matchup with a chance to make it an exciting game, but with the negative press around the program right now, I don’t think they have a snowflake’s chance in hell to compete in this game. 

Washington 46 Michigan St. 21

(11) Tennessee at Florida

The Third Saturday in September may not have the hype that past years have had, but I think this game being in Gainesville adds a fun wrinkle to this rivalry. Florida looked overmatched against Utah in their Thursday night, week 0, matchup, but the offense came alive against McNeese St. However, I think Tennessee and Joe Milton roll in this one after struggling in the first half. 

Tennessee 35 Florida 27

Syracuse at Purdue

Another basketball, Big 10 / ACC matchup. This game is a chance for Syracuse to prove that they’re better than a mid-tier ACC team and for Purdue to prove that…Fresno St. is better than people think. This game could be an ugly football game, but the sicko in me must watch this potential trainwreck of a game. Look for Syracuse’s offense to take another step forward and pull a victory out of West Lafayette, Indiana. 

Syracuse 27 Purdue 23

Pitt at West Virginia

Rivalries are almost always must watch TV and the Backyard Brawl is just that. Pitt and West Virginia may not be heavy hitters on the national scale this year, but don’t let that keep you from watching what should be a competitive game. I think the experience of Phil Jurkovec and Head Coach Pat Narduzzi give the Panthers the edge in this game. 

Pitt 23 West Virginia 20


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