Moose’s Week 9 Predictions


If I wasn’t a fan of any team in college football, this would have been a very fun week. HOWEVER, my fandom dampened this week a little and I only went 4/7 this week so it was just a tough week all around. I’m breaking the glass and pressing the Moosetradamus button for this week, so get your mind right folks as I’m predicting a 7/7 slate. 

Last week’s results:

• 4/7 correct

• 41/63 for the year (that’s 65% for all you math nerds out there)

Surprise: Virginia stunned UNC in Chapel Hill…and I’m not talking about basketball. The Cavaliers ran for 228 total yards at 4.2 yards a clip and went blow for blow with one of the best offenses in the country. Hats off to UVA for beating a top 10 opponent on the road for the first time in school history.

Best game: Utah, with their pig farming QB, retained custody of their little boy, USC. Utah owns the Trojans and this may be a gorilla on Lincoln Riley’s back. Utah out physicaled the Trojans (again) and hosed Caleb Williams late go-ahead TD by marching down the field to kick a game winning field goal.

Disappointment: Guess what, Clemson is in the red zone again…wait they didn’t score? Clemson ranks 6th in the country in making it to the red zone and 118th in red zone scoring – you think that’s bad? It gets worse. 5 times the Tigers have been on the 1-yard line and have come away with ZERO points. Hats off to Miami for coming back with a backup QB (Emory Williams) and eliminating the Tigers from ACC championship contention.

Now to this week’s slate. 

(6) Oklahoma at Kansas

The Sooners looked very vulnerable against a mediocre UCF team as it took a 2pt conversion stand to win the game. I really want to pick Kansas here, and if Jaydon Daniels wasn’t hurt, I’d probably go Rock Chalk, but I think the Sooners win and win big.

Oklahoma 45 Kansas 24

(20) Duke at (18) Louisville

I know I’ve gone to this well one too many times already, but there’s gotta be something in there! Duke is a very well coached team and I think they’re able to take one from Louisville – evenif Riley Leonard doesn’t play. 

Duke 21 Louisville 20

(8) Oregon at (13) Utah

This game is going to be better than people think, but also worse than people think…does that make any sense? It will come Saturday. I think this game will be close for the first and a halfquarter and then the Ducks will find a way to quack the stingy Utah defense and flock up the Utes. 

Oregon 35 Utah 13

BYU at (7) Texas

Quinn Ewers is going to be out for some extended time, but have no fear, Texas has one of the best back up QB’s in the nation…and his name is Maalik Murphy (no that’s not autocorrect from Arch Manning). Maalik Murphy might have the strongest arm out of the Longhorns QB room and I think he’s able to move the ball with ease against a good BYU team. Look for Texas to struggle at first but roll once Murphy finds his rhythm. 

Texas 31 BYU 20

(21) Tennessee at Kentucky

This game is going to be tough to pick, but something deep in my loins tells me to go with the Wildcats here. Tennessee has the 26th best weighted rush defense in the nation and that just so happens to be the strength of this Kentucky team. However, you’re playing in Kentucky, Tennessee is coming off of a loss, and the vibes are leaning towards the checkered blue and white. 

Kentucky 24 Tennessee 23

Colorado at (23) UCLA

UCLA has been a surprise this year as they are ranked as the 9thbest defense in the country. Colorado has been the most polarizing team in the country as people either loath or adore them. On paper I feel like UCLA should win this game, but in honor of Los Angeles and Colorado, I’m going to go off vibes here and this is a Colorado vibe game. The Bufs are coming off of a blown 29-point lead to Stanford and we’re gonna find out what they’re made of this weekend. 

Colorado 31 UCLA 27

(11) Oregon St. at Arizona

Arizona has come close to upsetting multiple teams this year and I think this is the week they finally get it done. Oregon St. relies heavily on their run game and I think the Wildcats 18th ranked rush defense will be too much for the Beavs. 

Arizona 27 Oregon St. 23


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