Walk-On Redshirts Top 5 Games – Week 2

Week one was full of exciting action. LSU and Florida State played one of the most exciting games and it did not make our list ahead of the week. Oregon and Georgia had plenty of hype but the Bulldogs ended the game quickly. The Backyard Brawl was one of the best games of the weekend … Continue reading Walk-On Redshirts Top 5 Games – Week 2


SEC Four-Pack Preview

1 - Georgia Repeat? https://twitter.com/GeorgiaFootball/status/1520539051761143808?s=20&t=dTWhfQmysDunE6DzzPI87w Georgia Bulldog fans have long suffered, always seemingly contending and putting together good teams only to fall victim to other SEC powers along the way, creating a long Championship drought. The 2021 Bulldogs fortunately ended that drought and ended years of pain having to deal with watching the likes of … Continue reading SEC Four-Pack Preview