Walk-On Redshirts Top 5 Games – Week 3

College Football is approaching the end of non-conference games. Many schools are still playing their "cupcake" opponents but a few teams still have key games left in September. Last week was one of the best weeks in college football with numerous upsets and a plethora of games finishing in overtime. Week three is going to … Continue reading Walk-On Redshirts Top 5 Games – Week 3


Conference USA Four-Pack Preview

1 - UAB post-Bill Clark https://twitter.com/UAB_FB/status/1540404638167535617?s=20&t=kcC3zdJ9c2l38OLEYg1GWQ In an abrupt and shocking offseason move, Bill Clark announced his retirement as the head coach of the UAB Blazers citing health issues. Clark has long been considered one of the best coaches in the group of five, many always wondering why he never got a shot at more … Continue reading Conference USA Four-Pack Preview