The Walk-On Redshirts Podcast: Coming Soon!


Many of you may remember that this originally started as a podcast, but after a hiatus, I believe it’s time to bring the podcast back! Your least favorite Twitter follow is about to create more content. Each week, we will feature a different writer or a special guest. Heading into the 2023 season, we think this is the perfect time to get the podcast up and running again. It will be available on all major streaming platforms.

What can you expect?
We want to be different. While we will, of course, discuss the major storylines and games across the country (you can watch ESPN or listen to any major podcast for tidbits to prepare you for the weekend), we will also bring in a variety of guests to provide fresh opinions and ideas beyond what you’re used to hearing. We have built a wide network, so keep an eye out for who could be making an appearance.

Why should you choose The Walk-On Redshirts?
With only so much time in a week, you may have to choose between listening to The Walk-On Redshirts or another college football podcast. We plan to offer reliable and consistent analysis. While we all have our internal biases, we will strive to be unbiased at times and will also be self-aware and honest. By choosing us, you’ll also have a chance to be part of our growing College Football community. We are engaging with college football fans and growing The Walk-On Redshirts community.

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Subscribe to The Walk-On Redshirts on your favorite podcast platform so you never miss an episode! Get ready to experience college football like never before. Join us very soon for the kickoff episode, and let’s celebrate the sport we love together!

Listen to our trailer as we get ready to launch College Football’s newest podcast!



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