Walk-On Redshirts add 5 Star Lucas Aguilar


Hello! My name is Lucas Aguilar. I am 26 years old and I am originally from the great state of Oregon, but moved to Arizona in the summer of 2019 and have been here ever since. College football has been one of, if not, my favorite sport since I was a little kid. I am a life long fan of all Oregon State sports and am old enough to remember when my Beavers shocked the college football world and throttled Notre Dame in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl. The out of region team I always rooted for were the Texas Longhorns.

My other teams in each sport that I’ve been a life long fan of are: MLB – New York Yankees, NFL – Carolina Panthers, soccer – Chelsea FC & Portland Timbers, NBA – Portland Trailblazers, college basketball out of region team – Kentucky . No I’m not a bandwagon of any kind, I’ve got funny and interesting stories as to why these are the teams I root for.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I really started to get into following both football and basketball recruiting. While I am still working on finishing college and getting my degree (potentially in sports journalism), I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have brief stints as a recruiting analyst for both SB Nation and 247Sports.

Since I am located in the “West Region” and I’m originally from the West Coast, that is primarily where my focus will be and on the PAC-12 while also trying to provide recruiting covering from a national prospective as well.

My goal is to work on my craft, create and develop relationships, and providing the best content I can with my own personal perspective. I’m grateful and happy to be here and to have another opportunity to do these things and I’m looking forward to the 2022 college football season.

If you have any questions or want to reach out to me the best place to get in touch with me is @LucasAguilar247 on Twitter. My DMs are always open.


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