Brady’s Bets – Week 0 Overview


My name is Brady Altland – I’ve been a die hard College Football fan my entire life. Growing up in Southern PA, Penn State football was always a prominent part of my life. Now, as a 25 year old mega college football fan, I have season tickets to Penn State football and Bleed Blue & White.

I may be the only person in my family and friend groups who prefers college football to the NFL, but there’s just something special about football on Saturdays. From growing up admiring Larry Johnson at Penn State, to staying up late to watch Reggie Bush and USC in the Rose Bowl, to cheering on Jamarcus Russell during his time at LSU, and now routing for the next generation of greats at PSU; college football has always been home to me and there’s nothing quite like it! 

Each week, I’m going to pick 3 “locks” in College Football that you should hammer. While I’ll make all these bets myself, please remember that sports betting is just that, a bet. Hopefully we will all get lucky and I’ll go on a CFB betting run. Each week moving forward, I’ll recap last week’s action, talk about my picks, go over my overall record and give my 3 “locks” of the week. 

Week ZERO Bets:

Connecticut and Fresno State: Take the under – Connecticut is a historically bad team and I don’t see them scoring much or any points at all. Fresno State has had a decent offense in recent years, but I don’t see them scoring anywhere close to enough to make the over hit.

UCLA & Fresno State wins Parlay: Take them both to win in a parlay- odds aren’t amazing, but you can win some money and it will be a guaranteed lock since both these teams are facing below average opponents and are both double digit favorites.

Illinois + 6.5 points – Illinois finished last season with some high points and were able to score points. With a new coach and mentality in the locker room, I expect them to come out and at least cover the spread against Nebraska. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win either, especially with all the bad news surrounding the Nebraska program right now.

Prayers up for these bets to hit. See you next week!

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