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FBS/FCS Power Points Standings: Week 4

I am trying out a new format this week. The FBS and FCS standings are listed separately with each classification’s schedule for the following weekend listed to the right in red. The games are ordered by their participants’ combined numbers in the Power Points Standings. FWIW, FYI, and WTF(rack)! 1-Michigan and Arkansas join the top … Continue reading FBS/FCS Power Points Standings: Week 4

Week 4 Betting Guide

Week 3 Review: 4-1. Winners: Cincinnati -3.5, Auburn-PSU under 52, Stanford -12.5 and Florida +14.5. Losers: Purdue leg of Purdue+MSU moneyline parlay. Back after a very profitable Week 3 which was a Purdue win away from being essentially 13-0 given the +905 odds of the parlay. We’re starting to get a firmer grasp of what … Continue reading Week 4 Betting Guide



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