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Hot Takes Heading Into Summer

Now that recruiting and Spring games are (for the most part) over and schedules are being announced, it is starting to feel like people can reasonably make predictions about the season with a modicum of comfort. Which can only mean one thing.It’s HOT TAKE SEASON!!! A lot of people have been spouting off their takes … Continue reading Hot Takes Heading Into Summer

5 Underrated Games of Week 1

Networks have started announcing a few game times for matchups this fall. Week one is headlined by Notre Dame vs Ohio State and Oregon vs Georgia but we have many other intriguing matchups. The first weekend of college football will have many glued to their televisions to watch any game possible, even if the game … Continue reading 5 Underrated Games of Week 1

Three Best NFL Draft Classes

The 2022 NFL Draft has come and gone, marking the official beginning (in my opinion, at least) of the 2023 NFL/NCAA football season. I’ve long thought that handing out “draft grades” is a lame content concept, because nobody actually knows what any of these draft classes look like in the long run and while time … Continue reading Three Best NFL Draft Classes



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