College Football Program’s as Fast Food Restaurants

First we looked at bar foods and compared them to college football teams. Now we are going to step it up a notch. We are going to look at how college football teams compare to fast food restaurants. We have to lay some grounds rules. First, fast casual will be allowed in the discussion. Second,Continue reading “College Football Program’s as Fast Food Restaurants”

Top Returning Running Backs for 2021

We already took a look at the top returning quarterbacks for the 2021 season, now it is time to look at the top returning running backs. The qualifications are a little different for running back because some schools do a committee approach. This player must have been at their current school last year. No transfersContinue reading “Top Returning Running Backs for 2021”

Best Stadium Atmospheres in College Football

Before we get too far into these rankings, there is no system or statistics behind why I rank some stadiums higher than others. I am using my own arbitrary way of ranking each stadium. When looking at this, I used a few factors while also looking at when the stadium is full capacity and atContinue reading “Best Stadium Atmospheres in College Football”

Group of 5 Teams with the Best Chance of Making a New Years Six Game

Is it ever too early to predict which group of five team has the best chance to receive the New Years Six? Probably, but do we care? No. Today we are going to look at the five teams with the best chance to receive the bid. When making this list, I based it on whoContinue reading “Group of 5 Teams with the Best Chance of Making a New Years Six Game”

The Redshirt Round Table

Welcome to the first edition of the Redshirt Round Robin! Jake, Cole, and Sean are here to give their opinions on college football which you will surely hate. Each round-robin they will cover five questions based around college football. You are welcome to submit your own questions that you would like to have answered. QuestionsContinue reading “The Redshirt Round Table”

Predicting New Coaches Win Totals for 2021

Since we just looked at coaches who may be on the hot seat I thought we should look at realistic expectations for the new coaches for the 2021 season. This post is going to focus on the coaches who took power five coaching jobs. Sorry Marshall, I love you guys but not today. I knowContinue reading “Predicting New Coaches Win Totals for 2021”

Top Returning Quarterbacks in 2021

Yes, it is only February. That does not mean we cannot start looking at who the top returning quarterbacks are for 2021. There are plenty of good quarterbacks returning in 2021, but this list of 10 are who stand out to me as the top returning quarterbacks. Disclaimer: The players on this list must haveContinue reading “Top Returning Quarterbacks in 2021”