99 Things – #74 USC and UCLA Wearing Home Jerseys


Today I did not want to focus on stats or projections for a school. Today I wanted to look at one of my favorite traditions in college football. USC and UCLA have one of the most underrated traditions in the entire sport. When the Trojans and Bruins face each other in late November they both wear their home jerseys. We see USC wearing their cardinal and gold while UCLA wears their blue and gold. Neither team wears a white jersey.

This is a newly restored tradition as the schools did not agree to start wearing home jerseys again until the 2008 game. The programs wore home jerseys up until 1982. After the 1982 season the NCAA required visiting teams to wear white. USC and UCLA agreed to break the rule for the 2008 game. USC was charged a timeout and UCLA called one of their own. Shortly after this game the NCAA changed the rules and allowed the programs to both wear their home colors. The 2021 matchup featured a thumping by the Bruins. UCLA won by a score of 62-33. The Trojans will be looking for revenge, in their home colors of course.

The USC vs UCLA rivalry is one of the more underrated rivalries in the sport but this tradition makes the rivalry special. More rivalries should follow their lead and wear home colors no matter the location. Think about some of your favorite rivalries. Ohio State and Michigan, scarlet and gray clashing with maize and blue. Oklahoma and Texas, crimson and cream colliding with burnt orange. Florida and Georgia play in Jacksonville Florida which is even more reason for both teams to wear home colors. This is my official petition to have rivalry games require both teams to wear their home colors, provided they have different colors of course.


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