99 Things: #91 Mike Leach Quotes


We are starting to approach the time of the offseason where reporters will be looking for quotes to maintain consistent content through the summer. We saw Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher trade comments. Reporters attempted to draw in other coaches such as Lane Kiffin and Dabo Swinney to get their thoughts on the Jimbo/Saban topic. Why did no one ask Mike Leach? Over the past two decades we have been given consistently incredible quotes from Leach. Nicknamed “The Pirate” his press conferences have become legendary. I have decided to list off a few of my personal favorite Mike Leach quotes:

“If you get into a fight, don’t take your helmet off. We’re looking for smart football players, not dumb ones.”

“Well, you’re going to be dead in a hundred years anyway, so live dangerously.”

“There’s some teams – the Cubs are one of them – where there’s just too many fans.”

“Well, outside of Lubbock, expectations aren’t very high. But it’s okay, we play in Lubbock a lot this season.”

“You have to stay out of the way…when it comes to marriages, the women lose their mind.”

“We’ve found bones of dinosaurs and everything else, but we haven’t found bones — that I’ve heard of — of Bigfoot”

Jeremy Schaap: “When people write the Mike Leach obituary, how do you want to be remembered?”
Mike Leach: “Well that’s their problem … what do I care, I’m dead.”

One of my biggest questions about the press conferences with Leach is how these topics come up? Does he manage to deviate from the subject that far where he begins talking about Big Foot and aliens? Some of his wisdom is actually practical. His thoughts on his obituary are valid because when you are dead there is nothing you can do to change it.

The pure honesty from Mike Leach has helped his quotes continue to go viral. Many coaches during their press conference will attempt to answer questions without giving any true answers while talking in circles. The answers will be vague and lack real substance in their content. Leach is the exact opposite. He is not afraid of sounding crazy or being too honest. While he may not coach in the Midwest he was not afraid to upset any Chicago Cubs fans. We are only a few weeks from SEC Media Days meaning we will have another opportunity to get top notch Mike Leach quotes. Until then we will have to continue reading and listening to the old ones.

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