The rules are simple. Teams place highest to lowest:

  • Power Points (Games Won Opponents’ Wins – Games Lost Opponents’ Losses)
  • Net Games (Wins – Losses)
  • Schedule Strength (Opponents’ Power Points)
  • Net Points (Points For – Points Against)

Ideally, if this point system is used in the real world, same classification members will play equal or equal maximum game regular season schedules versus same classification members only (examples: FBS vs FBS, FCS vs FCS) and knowingly compete according to the rules in play. For purposes here, games between different classification members are weighed as follows: For FBS members, wins and losses versus lower classification opponents are equal to the least valuable FBS win and loss respectively. For FCS members, wins and losses versus higher classification opponents are equal to the most valuable FCS win and loss respectively and wins and losses versus lower classification opponents are equal to the least valuable FCS win and loss respectively. The point system determines a competition’s standings. The point system does not claim that higher placed teams are better teams than lower placed teams nor does it predict that higher placed teams will beat lower placed teams. The point system’s standings only include the results of games played. Forfeits and no contests are ignored.



Fresno State: The Bulldogs are this week’s alpha dogs after neutering Connecticut 45-0.
UCLA: LA’s #2 team is this week’s #2 team after beating the apostrophe out of Hawaii 44-10. The Bruins welcome LSU to the Rose Bowl next weekend. Hopefully, enough fans show up for this game to drown out Coach Orgeron’s voice.
San Jose State: Do the Spartans own a wooden horse? If so, it may be their best chance to upset the USC Trojans in week 1.
UTEP: The bad news is that UTEP owns the second worst program in the FBS. The good news is that the Miners are 27 points better than the worst program.
Illinois: The University of the Land of Lincoln scored seven points four times as the Fighting Illini upset Nebraska of Lincoln 30-22 to capture the Abe’s Beard Trophy. Okay, I made up the trophy. Illinois hosts the UTSA Roadrunners in week 1. Meep, meep!
Nebraska: The good news is that the overalls uniforms are fake. The bad news is that wearing them can only help. The really bad news is that the Huskers set an NCAA record for most punt returns for a safety in a single game. Admittedly, I only assume it’s a record.
New Mexico State: The bad news is that there is no good news. Typically, when someone or something hits rock bottom, there is nowhere to go but up. That is not true here.
Hawai’i: There’s a pot of gold at the end of these Rainbows if you picked UCLA and gave the points.
Connecticut: Is it women’s basketball season yet? The Huskies’ roll over and play dead offensive scheme matched the school’s highest point total since 2019.



North Dakota State: These are hard times for the Bison program. NDSU has not won 8 of 9 FCS titles since 2019.

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