FBS/FCS Power Points Standings: Final Results


Congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs and the North Dakota State Bison!


1-No playoff format is going to eliminate blowouts or dynasties and as someone that favors expansion, this was never a concern for me.

2-The FCS champion has been a top four seed for 11 straight years. In the previous 30 FCS playoffs with 8+ teams, the champion was a top four seed 18 times.

3-In 41 FCS playoffs with 8+ teams, 97 of 164 top four seeds have reached the semifinals. During the past 11 seasons, 17 of 34 top four seeds not named North Dakota State have reached the semifinals.

4-Over the past 14 seasons, Alabama has won six national titles, lost the title game three times, and lost in the semifinals once. In the remaining four seasons, Alabama was not eliminated from national title contention until a loss in its final regular season game, once to Florida in the SEC title game and twice to Auburn on the last play of the game including the famous “Kick Six” game. 2010 is the only year during Alabama’s incredible run where the Tide were eliminated from national title contention before it had played 12 games.

5-Based on the combined Power Points Standings (1978-2020), here is the breakdown of national titles, top four, and top 12 regular season finishes in AP Poll for the groups listed. For example, the top six programs won 20 AP titles combined. The bottom 112 active FBS members have only one AP title (1990 Colorado) but a combined 205 top 12 regular season finishes. How much better might this group fare if it averaged nearly five berths under a 12-team playoff format?

6-Over the past 44 seasons, 28 of 31 AP National Champions with 4+ wins versus AP ranked opponents placed first in the Power Points Standings. Only four of 13 champions with three or fewer wins versus ranked competition did as well.

7-Over the past 44 seasons, 24 of the 25 AP National Champions with the highest percentage of points received from voters finished in first place in the Power Points Standings. Only eight of the remaining 18 champions finished first in the Power Points Standings. The more disagreement among voters, the more likely the consensus champion will differ from the first place team in the Power Points Standings.

8-The Power Points Standings (1978-2020) based on FBS games only are posted at powerpointsstandings.blogspot.com.

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